Siham Benhamidouche

Cybersecurity Officer

Siham Benhamidouche has been working for more than 15 years in IT and Cybersecurity.

She started her career in Security at Areva T&D as Network Supervisor and then she became Telecommunication, Security and Messaging Manager to deliver all the security solutions (peripheric and end points) for a secure and performant network to more than 200 sites over the world.

In 2012, she moved to Schneider Electric where she has taken over the role of Web Infrastructure Director, maintaining and leveraging Amazon cloud or hybrid model to deliver relevant and secure infrastructures to critical applications.

Since 2017, Siham is working as Digital Risk Leader, protecting all Schneider Electric’s public facing footprint to secure interactions with Partners, distributors and Customers, and ensuring compliance with regulations as well as providing web security guidelines, standards and driving Cybersecurity awareness within the Global marketing practice. In 2019, she has also taken the role of Cybersecurity Officer for Middle East and Africa, where she is responsible for leading and implementing the Cybersecurity strategy across the zone, contributing to improve Schneider Electric’s cybersecurity maturity and posture.